Flame Resistant Sweatshirt Benefits

Flame resistant sweatshirts are an increasingly popular part of flame resistant workwear.  They are durable, can be worn in many different climates and work environments, and tend to be much less bulky than flame resistant coats.  They are also usually fairly comfortable and can even be stylish depending on the type of flame resistant sweatshirt that you choose to go with.  Many years ago, you could only purchase flame resistant coats as your outermost layer of protection from a flammable environment.  Today, there are many more options and one of the best outermost layer of protections that you can get if you find yourself at risk of being caught on fire comes from flame resistant sweatshirts.

It has always been recommended that if you are trying to protect yourself from a fire, that at the very least, your outermost layer should be flame resistant.  It won’t help you nearly as much to have a non-flame resistant outer layer and a flame resistant inner layer as it would to have a flame resistant outer layer and a non-flame resistant inner layer.  This typically used to mean that you would have to wear a flame resistant coat.  Flame resistant coats can get hot, feel heavy, and tend to be bulky.  Employees don’t want to be doing a job and have sweat pouring off of them and feel like they’re in a space suit simply because of the heaviness of their outermost flame resistant article of clothing.  Instead they want to be wearing something that feels much lighter and can move with them yet still be able to offer them the same amount of protection that can come with wearing a flame resistant coat.

This is the main benefit of wearing a flame resistant sweatshirt.  With a flame resistant sweatshirt, you are still getting maximum protection from possibly flammable situations, but are not trapped in clothing that can get extremely hot or difficult to move around in.  Flame resistant sweatshirts are much more comfortable and depending on the material, they might even be something that you would want to wear if you aren’t at work.  They move with you and can be worn in many different climates or work environments without getting uncomfortable.  Just like all flame resistant clothing, they will also protect you from fire if you are in a potentially dangerous situation and will help to buy you time to get out of there.  They are easy to put on or off in a hurry if you need to and can come in many different styles, colors, and designs.

There are numerous benefits of flame resistant sweatshirts (and flame resistant clothing in general) but most people are drawn to using flame resistant sweatshirts as part of their typical fr workwear because of the versatility of it.  Nearly every person in any climate can use a sweatshirt and a flame resistant sweatshirt will make it easy and comfortable to get the proper protection if you ever find yourself in a bad situation.

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Top Flame Resistant Accessories

Proper accessories are something that many people fail to think about when they are getting dressed in the morning.  They remember to put on pants, shirts, socks, underwear, and shoes, but they forget just how much the outfit can be tied together with the proper scarf or necklace.  While forgetting to put on accessories in your day to day life typically cannot cause you harm or put you in danger, there is a place when not having the proper accessories could potentially cost you your life. 

flame resistant accessories

If you work in an environment that has the potential to be flammable, not having the proper flame resistant accessories could be harmful or even fatal to you.  If you work in an environment that has the potential to be flammable, having the proper flame resistant accessories can be more important than having the proper flame resistant pants or shirt.  There are many different types of flame resistant accessories but the two best and most common kind of flame resistant accessories are flame resistant hoods and flame resistant head masks.

Flame resistant hoods protect your head and neck from being injured and give you precious time to escape the fire should you find yourself in a situation where your head could be burned.  Your hair has the potential to be flammable, so if it is not properly protected, you could find yourself in grave danger.   Most companies that manufacture flame resistant clothing also make flame resistant hoods in order to ensure complete protection of you or your employees.  You can decide on different colors or styles of flame resistant hoods to suit your needs.

The other very important accessory that should never be forgotten is a flame resistant head mask.  A flame resistant head mask is designed to protect your face from fire should you find yourself in a situation where fire can cause you damage.  The face is often left unprotected and vulnerable, so purchasing a good flame resistant face mask will make sure that you do not end up with serious burns on your face if you are in a flammable environment.

When purchasing flame resistant accessories (whether it be a flame resistant hood or a flame resistant head mask) you should always consider the durability and sustainability of the accessory.  You do not want to purchase a flame resistant accessory that is going to fall apart at the first exposure to fire.  You want something that is high quality and designed to last.

You should also consider the comfort of the flame resistant accessory because this is something that people are going to be wearing on their heads and/or their faces and if they are not comfortable wearing it, there is a large chance that they will simply decide to do without.

There are numerous flame resistant accessories on the market but the top and best flame resistant accessories that you or your employees should never go without are flame resistant head masks and flame resistant hoods.  Your head is just too important.


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